The Human’s Guide is a concept of optimal development from childhood through adulthood. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with society and individuals, I tend to focus on what is going right and capitalize on individual strengths. Each person is special and talented in their own way, we need to celebrate and nurture that particular genius within. By focusing on the positive we can build the core self to have the strength to overcome all obstacles. If you want to be a success, then study successful people. I have invented no new strategies, concepts, or techniques, rather, I have studied what works and offer the alternatives with perspective that facilitates change and growth.
We are not necessarily human beings, rather we are Human Becomings, always in a state of creating our future selves. This attitude rejects the idea that we have arrived and are “mature.” It focuses on the power of the individual to constantly grow and become more enlightened, more satisfied with life, more tuned in to our selves and our fellow travelers on this incredible journey. We are the architects of our own destiny. Follow along while Dr. Stephen documents his past struggles, present challenges, and future endeavors. Welcome to the journey of a lifetime!

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